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  • Norma Walton

Nothing but Lake

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Ontario is awash in natural riches. We have the two longest freshwater beaches in the world, Wasaga and Sauble. We also have more than a quarter of a million lakes that contain 20% of the world's fresh water.

Our family was fortunate enough to enjoy last week on Peninsula Lake. It was absolutely beautiful. The view of the lake from the cottage; the fun of jumping into the lake for the first time then jumping in again and again off the dock and off the rocks; early morning fishing; the serenity of canoeing along the shore; and the peaceful sound of the water lapping up onto the deck in the evening.

Ontario's north is a thing of wonder. It has always captured my imagination. Our children have the same attraction and have benefited tremendously from their exposure to this magical part of summer by the lake. We are immensely lucky to live where we do and spending time by the lake in the summer makes you realize that firsthand...over and over and over again.

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