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  • Norma Walton

Shovel the anger away

Physical exertion helps me deal with anger.

I have a girlfriend who used to box. She hit the bag...hard...rather than hit her family members when she became angry with them.

Today was an angry sort of a day. The kids and I purchased 10 bags of salt to melt all of the ice that was making our driveway and walkway treacherous. The kids enjoyed spreading it all over the icy areas. Old hockey sticks helped spread it everywhere. A few hours later, just as night was falling, I wandered outside to begin shoveling ice - not snow, but ice...large, heavy, wet chunks of ice that had to be first dislodged, sometimes with the snow pick, then flung or trundled over to the yard. It was slow, back breaking work and I paced myself. The girls helped me for a little while. The boys stayed inside. It took about an hour and the end result was a clear driveway and a clear front step. The walkway still needs a lot of work but I was physically exhausted after 60 minutes...and far more calm when I finished.

Snow shoveling = good therapy

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