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  • Norma Walton

My Dad should run Ontario’s vaccination program

Israel has vaccinated more than 1 million people since December 20th, surpassing its goal of 150,000 vaccinations per day. In stark contrast, Ontario started vaccinating almost a week earlier than Israel and has vaccinated a little more than 50,000 people in the same period. Yet Israel has a smaller population than the province of Ontario, with 8.8 million people to our 14.5.

Growing up, my father used to run the assembly line at Ford Motor Company in St. Thomas. He managed 1,100 people on the line who would produce 60 cars an hour over a ten hour shift. He is an engineer skilled at production, logistics and delivering solutions to problems…just the sort of person that Doug Ford needs to roll out an effective vaccination program for Ontarians.

Although I realize some people do not want to be vaccinated, the vast majority of Ontarians do. If we assume 80% of Ontarians want to be vaccinated and we target normal life resuming by September of 2021, we must vaccinate approximately 11.5 million people between now and then. By my calculations, that means we should be vaccinating about 1.5 million per month or 48,000 people per day. Right now we are vaccinating 8,000 on a good day.

COVID 19 has caused so much death, illness, mental health distress and overall destruction it is time for it to end…and the end is in sight.

Papa…when can you start?

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Jan 06, 2021

I so agree. Your Dad is the best!

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