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  • Norma Walton

French Struggles

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

French does not come easily to my children.

I blame my dad for this. He was so bad at french when he was a boy that his mom arranged for him to read on his own while the rest of the class was learning french. How bad must he have been...? The irony is that his job moved him to Montreal when he was a young man, where he met and married my mom, a fluent Quebecer.

After receiving a few derisory results from tests this year, I searched up the 10 best programs for learning french online. I chose Duolingo because it most resembled an interactive game and seemed to make learning a second language easy.

My children are progressing steadily through the different levels of Duolingo. They try to spend a few minutes a day working away at it. I have noticed that their familiarity and comfort with french is increasing, which can only help them in their learning.

I would strongly recommend Duolingo to any other parent whose children struggle with french.

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